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Large Stones 5-8mm - Brown

Large Stones 5-8mm - Brown

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For many who have been making miniatures, the stones are an important feature that cannot be achieved with PVA, Scatter, or paint alone.

Now you can make your gaming bases look more realistic with small stones, This free-size assortment of small stones comes in the sizes 2-3mm which are perfect for achieving incredible detail, effects and realism to your diorama, on any model base, scattering on your battlefield or even adding to battle damage for that matter.

And with our Fast Drying Basing Glue, it’s a cinch to

Betray your opponents with a detailed and realistic finish to your Wargaming Experience.

  • Our Fast Drying Basing Glue Adhesive is highly recommended for application
  • Easy to Apply
  • Create a detailed and realistic finish for your models or gaming tables
  • Contains approximately 210ml
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